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We hire talented narrators from all over the country, and put them to work creating beautiful audio versions of your works. We guarrantee the highest level of quality in our voice talent.


Our roots are in tech. Founded by Silicon Valley veterans, we provide highly scalable, instantly available audio version of your articles, the moment they are published.


Our revenue model is one of sharing. Not only do we promote cross polination of audiences, and improve user engagment on your site, the more we make, the more you profit.

Grow your audience together with us

When partnering with Gyst Audio, you’re amongst good company. We work with journalists and media networks to bring great narrated content to a growing audience of people who love what we do.

Meet our mighty web widget

As a Gyst Audio partner, you’ll have the ability to embed narrations of your articles with our widget. Visitors to your sites will get top-notch narrations by real people.

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