Narration FAQ

Answers to some of the questions we hear often.

Do I need to be a professional for this?

Nope :) Gyst Audio accepts both amateur and professional narrators. We don't ask for a formal resume, and we judge narrations on their merit, not your experience level. We just want your narration to be dynamic, engaging, well-enunciated and pleasant to listen to.

How do I apply?

During the application process, you'll be asked to provide a paragraph or two about yourself, along with an audio version of the text that you'll record and upload. You can exit and come back to your application at any time, so take as long as you'd like.

What do I need to make a good recording?

You can read more about recording quality on our Recording Guidelines page.

What about editing?

You can use any recording software to record and edit your narrations. As long as the narration is accurate and sounds good, it's a win.
If you're looking for a good free audio tool, we recommend Audacity.

Thinking of applying ?