Do you have the voice?

We're looking for voice-actors of all backgrounds to help us with narration.

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How it works with us:

Your narrations make our content awesome and bring your voice to listeners around the world. Here's how our narration process works:


Assignments come from our publishers. Choose any you'd like to narrate.


Time to shine! Record the article and edit it if necessary.


Send us your work and we'll handle things from there.

Sit Back

After review, your narration goes live on the Gyst Audio app and publishers' sites. Voila!

Tools of the trade.

For the best-sounding narrations, here's what you're going to need:

A Quiet Place

There are no strict rules for quality, but the quieter the space, the better your recording will sound.

A Microphone

A good quality gamer headset or desktop microphone should do the trick, depending on your space.

Editing Software

You can use any software to edit your recordings, as long as they're accurate and sound clear.

Why Narrate?

Narrating for us has lots of benefits for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Get Paid Per Article

Still gotta keep the lights on! We pay for every recording you do, via Paypal or Venmo.

No Experience Necessary

We accept narrators of all experience levels, and encourage you to grow professionally with us!

Record on your schedule

Record as much or as little as you want, just pick what you'd like to narrate and upload away.

Hello, Profile.

As a narrator, you'll be discoverable on our apps and get a personal profile with your recordings.

Reach new audiences

We broadcast your voice to new audiences around the globe through our network.

The Sky's The Limit

Work how you like. This could be a fun side job or the springboard for your voice-acting career!

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